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Month: October 2013

Szechuan Wednesday

I love hot and spicy food. This is an easier modification of a recipe that I have been making for years. Szechuan Eggplant Two medium cubed eggplants, leave the skin […]

Tuna Tuesday

Delicious meals do not have to take a long time to prepare. Tuna Steaks are the perfect example. My family eats more than the average five or six ounces . […]

Meatloaf Monday

I feel like a meatloaf because of yesterdays spelling error. Red Sox is not spelled Red Socks.  Sorry. So this  meatloaf is going to cook a delicious meatloaf. Preheat the […]

Sausage Sunday

Today the Patriots  and  Red Socks  are playing. No one is interested in a sit down dinner. I am making my life easy, for once. Sausage Sandwiches Five pounds of Italian […]

Squash Saturday

Love squash. This is an old favorite. I added the fruit for sweetness and the beans for fiber. Every time I make this, I get so angry because I always […]

Fish Friday

When I was growing up we always had fish on Friday. My Mom would always make something delicious. This is a fish stew that takes twenty minutes. Fish stew Three […]

Thaw out Thursday

It’s cold and my heat was not working. Thank God, it is fixed now. Another reason to thaw out and make more soup. This is a soup my Mom used […]

Wegetable Wednesday

It has gotten so cold so fast. Thank goodness this is soup week. Wegetables, vegetables, lets cook soup the easy way. Vegetable Soup Two tablespoons of butter or oil one […]

Greek Tuesday

Sometimes you have to go back to basics so I’m going back to Greece. This is a soup that I have been making for my family since they were babies. […]

Mommy Monday

It’s  a clear, cold and a gorgeous fall day. Get ready, I have turned into the old soup lady. I would always laugh at my Mom because she had soup […]

Sunday Apple Pie

It’s Sunday in the fall. The apples are great and I can’t resist making a pie. My family is in and out  of the house and most of them don’t […]

Stuffing Saturday

This is a take off on my Moms stuffing recipe. She used the giblets and I don’t. Everything else is more or less the same. Angies’ Stuffing Two pounds of […]

Friday Turkey Feast

Once again I try to buy what is on sale. It is turkey this week. I love the turkey cooked on the grill. Heat your grill on high for about […]

Thin Thursday

Lets make Thursday the fast before the feast day. Digging into my  recipe box this is an old favorite. Spinach and beans. Two boxes of frozen chopped spinach ,defrosted and squeezed […]

wHam Wednesday

I try to save money whenever I can, so I look for sales. I will not compromise quality, The market had hams on sale for a great price so I […]

Tasty Tuesday

Gnocchi with spicy sauce. This is a fabulous dish. Tasty, fancy and easy. I never make enough because you can’t stop eating. Great as a main dish or a terrific […]