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Chocolate Candy Cupcakes

31 Jan


My daughter needed chocolate cupcakes and I had some time.

So once again I got carried away.

The boxed cake mixes are really good.

I use chocolate milk instead of water in the cupcakes.

For every box of cake mix, I made 13 jumbo cupcakes.

Fill the cupcakes 1/2 way up then put a piece of candy in the middle.

Fill the cup cake up to a little less then 3/4 full.

Bake according to the box directions.

I used mini milky way, mini kisses and mini peanut butter cups for the inside.

Bake and cool the cupcakes.

Dark Chocolate frosting  topped with kisses and malted milk balls.

I love to decorate with the malted milk ball because they are nice and shinny and I don’t have to unwrap them.

The jumbo cupcakes are like getting a big piece of cake you don’t have to cut.

Weight Watchers are not happy.



30 Jan


My children love anything with vegetables.

This is great in the summer when the garden is producing a lot of everything.

But… there is something special about this in the winter.

This is a combination recipe from my Mom and Saveur magazine.

My Mom used to freeze this and it was delicious.

It’s amazing how many recipes are old peasant meatless meals

3 cubed eggplants

one tablespoon of salt

1/2 cup oil

2 large chopped onions

3 cloves chopped garlic

6 anchovy fillets

One can of diced tomatoes

2 stalks of diced celery

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

3 tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons tomato paste

One small box raisins or 3 tablespoons

3 tablespoons capers

20 green chopped olives

One large chopped red pepper.

4 tablespoons each chopped basil and parsley

One teaspoon of fresh ground pepper

Pour the salt over the eggplant and drain till the rest of the vegetables are chopped.

Heat a large skillet and add half the oil.

Add the eggplant and cook till soft and brown.

Take out of the pan.

Add the rest of the oil and add the onions , garlic, celery, red pepper and anchovies

Cook till soft and the anchovies are melted.

Add the tomatoes, vinegar, sugar and tomato paste. Cook for about five minutes.

Add everything else and mix well.

This can be served hot or at room temperature.

My kids eat it in a bowl like stew.

I like it with a big slice of italian bread and some cheese.

A glass of red wine or a cold beer is perfect.


29 Jan


I love pierogies.

To me it is the Polish ravioli and fabulous.

I have to admit I buy the frozen kind.

Poppy’s Pierogies are very good.

I made the potato and onion tonight. There are about five different filling.

Saute one small diced onion with one tablespoon of butter.

Boil the pierogoes

Drain them and put then with the onions.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Thats it.

There are never any leftovers.

I served this with a roasted chicken, broccolini and a tossed salad.

Pretty nice meal.

Velvet Turkey Corn Soup

27 Jan


I am cleaning out my freezer and nothing will go to waste.

2 cups leftover turkey, mince it in the food processor

One can of drained minced water chestnuts. Mince it in the processor.

One small diced onion. Dice it in the food processor.

Two tablespoons butter

4 cups of chicken stock

2 141/2 ounce cans of cream-style corn

4 tablespoons soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

one teaspoon of parsley

one teaspoon chili and garlic pepper

2 tablespoons corn starch

1/4 cup water

two egg whites

1/4 cup frozen baby peas

6 minced scallions

Let your food processor do all the work so don’t clean it till the very end.

Saute the butter with the onion till it is soft

Add the ginger and pepper

Add the chicken broth and the soy sauce

Let everything come to a boil

Add the turkey

Add 4 minced scallions

Add the corn

bring to medium heat

disolve the corn starch in the water.

Set aside

Whip the egg whites in the processor

Add the corn starch mixture and stir continuousley

Then add the egg whites. Don’t stop stirring or else they will clump.

Add the peas

Use the remaining scallions for garnish.

This is a smooth soup with just a little crunch from the water chestnuts and scallion.

Just a different twist for leftovers.

I would serve this with a crunchy eggroll.

Boneless Pork Roast

27 Jan

Some of the kids came over today and I wanted a no fuss meal.

Pork Roast.

Marinate it in one can of ginger ale.

Season the roast with garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Roast at 450 for one half hour and then reduce to 350 for the rest of the cooking time.

I ALWAYS use a meat thermometer.

Cook till medium.

Let it cool to room temperature and then slice thin with an electric slicer.

There was a huge platter of delicious lean meat.

I made two sauces.

Chimichurri and mayo with shirracha.

Slice one apple paper thin and one onion.

Instead of having a sandwich, I decided to make a salad.

Mix kale, romaine, arugula and scallions.

two apple slices

four slices of pork

one slice of onion

drizzle both sauces on top

Add a couple of the cornbread croutons

Steal a scoop of pasta from the babies.

One or two buffalo cauliflower

Instead of bread, I made spinach pies

This was so good.

I felt so thin that I ate a rainbow cookie.

I’ll try to post the cookies another day.

Andys Fabulous Spinach and Pork Calzone

24 Jan


I went to visit my oldest son and I turned into my Mother.

I had more food than clothes.

The minute I got there I started to cook.

At first Andy didn’t mind but of corse I got carried away.

After two days of  spectatular meals,  I knew it was time to leave.

So being me, I stayed one more day.

We had a snow storm. I really wasn’t trying to be annoying.

I left him with a full freezer and a full refigerator of leftovers.

He decided to use his own culinary know how to creat a fabulous calzone.

One pound of pizza dough

One box of frozen spinach. Defrosted and squeezed dry.

Three cloves of garlic

Four tablespoons olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon red pepper

Two big leftover sliced breaded boneless pork chops.

6  tablespoons of chimichurri sauce.

6 slices of meunster cheese or mozzarella.

Grease a cookie sheet with crisco.

Roll out the dough to form a rectagle.

Saute the oil and garlic till the garlic is very light tan.

Add the spinach salt and pepper. Just let the spinach get all the flavor from the garlic oil.

Let the spinach cool

Start layering the spinach on the dough.

Add the sliced pork

Add the chimichurri sauce

Add the cheese

Fold  the dough to seal everything. Seam side down.

Place in a preheated 450  oven on the bottom shelf in the oven

Watch it carefully.

Sometimes it takes 15 to 30  minutes.

Try to let it cool before you cut it in half to eat.

This is so good.

He really is a very good cook.

Thank you Andy.

Potato Onion Soup

23 Jan


Its cold and I am back on my soup kick.

My sister, Patty, gave me a soup maker and I decided to use it.

This is my new best friend.

It basically is a big blender that cooks the soup.

It is kind of spooky because it blends without you touching anything.

So being totally silly, I now call it “Christine”.

She was that car that came alive in the movie.

1/4 cup butter

One can of drained canned potatoes or three large, peeled potatoes.

Two chopped onions

Two cloves garlic

32 ounces of chicken broth

6 slices of american cheese or any other cheese you have on hand.

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Put everything except the cheese in the pot and cook till everything is cooked.

This only takes about 30 minutes.

Blend till smooth and add the cheese.

Melt everything together.

Serve with a sausage sandwich or a great hamburger with tons of vegetables.