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Month: March 2014

Brown rice and vegetables

This recipe was in the Boston Globe and had special dressing and brown rice. I made everything and then deleted and added what I liked. This is basically a brown […]

No cook fruit Salad

Please listen to me whine for a minute. I want my waist back but I can’t stop eating. Today I made a simple fruit salad for my special treat. It […]

Pepper Biscuits

When I think back to my childhood, my Mom was always rolling something out. We had containers of these biscuits and my Mom made everything look so easy. These are […]

Dragon Cake

Never did I think that I could be so controlled by anyone. He is 3 feet high, talks to me about everything and is  so cute. He is my grandson. […]

Different Chicken Salad

Chicken salad should always be made with delicious roasted or grilled chicken. I found this recipe on Pinterest and of course changed it up a little. 4 cups of leftover […]

Never fail Eye of the Round

Growing up in a big family had a ton of advantages. My Mom taught us how to stretch a dollar. Eye of the Round is not the most tender cut […]

Sicilian Cauliflower with Pasta

I love the Boston Globe magazine. They always have interesting recipes and this is where I got this one. I have changed some things around so I will give you […]

Ash Wednesday Fish

Easy, Easy, Easy. One pound of coconut coated cod, Maybe 1 1/2 pounds for two big eaters.  One container of mango peach salsa Buy the cod in the fish department […]