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Month: April 2014

Red Bulgar

I didn’t even know what bulgar wheat was till I moved to Worcester. It is delicious when you know what to do with it. This is a recipe my friend […]

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

On November 9,  I gave you the recipe for Buffalo Chicken but today I am giving you the sandwich. Start drooling. This is so easy and you can even buy […]

Stuffed Artichokes

This is another one of my Moms recipes. She used to cook these every holiday and would forget to serve them. So a lot of the time we ate them […]

Key Lime Cake

I made this for my sons birthday. He loves key lime pie. It is better than any pie you have ever had. The recipe is a take off from Pillbsbury […]

Veal with mushrooms and onions

I was at the store and they had veal stew pieces on sale. Need I say more. I always use veal cutlets so this was a challenge. 4 pounds of […]

Marinated Mushrooms

My Mom used to make these all the time and I love them. Too, too easy. 3 cups white vinegar. 6 cloves of garlic 5  eight ounce boxes of mushrooms. […]

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

My oldest son is hot. Well, he is hot but I mean hot in the kitchen. He is on a roll making delicious meals that are not fattening. He marinated […]

Cheese Grits with tomatoes and eggs

I have developed a love for grits. Never had them as a child or adult until a few years ago. Plain grits taste like wallpaper but flavored grits are delicious. […]

Leftover Cauliflower Pizza

I made the spicy Sicilian cauliflower without the pasta and added honey instead of sugar. The recipe was on March 12th  blog. It came out good but sweeter then I […]

Peppered Grilled London Broil

My oldest son cooked for me last night. What a treat. He marinated London Broil Steak in a peppercorn marinade. OMG. The marinade was from McCormick and he just followed […]

Seared Tuna

Now girls hold on. All my boys can make this delicious dish. The picture was sent to me by my youngest son. Did I mention that all four boys can […]

Savory pie

I am making pies again. My grandson wanted blueberry pie so  I made blueberry pies and had some dough left over. So… I made some cherry pies and I still […]

Lettuce Wraps

I love lettuce wraps. Chicken, pork, beef or fish are all delicious. Since I am always trying to do things fast this is a great recipe. Everything can be on […]

The Slicer

This is a necessity in your kitchen My Mom had a friend with six kids, like me, and she stretched her meat by slicing it thin. This week the market […]