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Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Raisin cookies

30 May


OMG this cookie is good.

One cup of chunky peanut butter

3/4 cup old fashion oatmeal

One beaten egg

3/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup white sugar

One teaspoon vanilla

3/4 cups  dark chocolate covered raisins

1/4 cup chocolate chips

Mix everything together except the chocolate and rasins.

After everything is mixed add the rest.

There will be a lot of raisins but that is fine with me.

You can decrease the amount if you want to.

Make a ball the size of a heaping teaspoon.

Flatten slightly with your hand.

Chill for about 30 minutes.

Bake at 350 degrees for 10  to 11 minutes.

Do not overcook or they become hockey pucks.

If you have any leftover, store in a plastic container or glass jar.

This is a recipe that Emeril  made with his son and I changed it by adding the oatmeal, raisins, chunky peanut butter, increasing  and decreasing the sugars and chocolate.

This is a great cookie with ice cream.




Baked Tomatoes with Feta

29 May


I went to a greek restaurant and had this for an appetizer and had to make it at home.

This is so easy.

1/2 sliced vidalla onion

One large sliced tomato

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon oregano

Salt and pepper

French feta

Olive oil

I make these tomatoes in foil packets because there is nothing to clean up.

Place the sliced onion on the foil.

Then layer the tomatoes on top.

Sprinkle with the garlic, oregano, salt and pepper.

Top with the feta cheese. Use one nice size chunk to cover most of the top of the tomato slice.

Drizzle with the olive oil

Bake at 450 degrees for about  fifteen minutes or until the cheese starts to get soft and slightly brown.

I love french feta but I didn’t have any so I used regular feta and it doesn’t melt as well.

This is great as an appetizer or side dish.

This also makes a great sandwich on crusty french bread.

I have even placed these tomatoes on a salad. It looks very pretty.




Lemon Pasta with Broccoli

23 May


Trader Joe has this great lemon pasta. Go and buy some.

4 cloves of minced garlic

1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 stick butter

One pound of pasta

4 cups broccoli  flowerets

1/2 lemon with the zest

parmesan cheese

Melt the oil and butter

Saute the garlic till light brown

Add the lemon zest and the juice of 1/2 a lemon

Set aside

Boil a pot of water with a tablespoon of salt

Add the pasta and stir

Add the broccoli with the pasta

Cook about 4 minutes till the pasta is cooked.

Strain the water out and save one cup of pasta water

Pour the pasta into the oil mixture and slowly add the pasta water if needed.

Do not add all of it if the pasta is moist.

The pasta should not be dry.

Serve with grated cheese

This is great meal for a lot of people

It goes well with grilled chicken or pork.







No internet

23 May

So sorry I have not written in the past several days but I did not have internet . 

I use Charter Communications and they couldn’t get their act together.

I must have called five times.

So three days later this Charter man showed up and fixed it in ten minutes.

Will follow up with a couple of great go to recipes for the weekend now that I am in a better mood.

Steak Supper

19 May

Steak Supper

This is one of my favorite meals and so easy.

Start with a ribeye steak

olive oil

salt and pepper

Heat the grill

Brush the meat with the olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Place on the grill for two minutes and turn 1/4 turn to get the nice grill marks for another minute

Turn over and repeat the turning to get the grill marks.

Grill to you’re liking or you can take the steaks off the grill and finish cooking in the oven for six to eight minutes.

Remember the 228 post?

Make a baked potato in the microwave and then fill with a pat of butter, salt and pepper and sour cream.

Boil the corn.

Mix a quick salad of cucumbers, red peppers and vidalia onions. Dress with some balsamic dressing.

I also cut thin slices of Italian bread and spread it with blue cheese.

Then I toasted them in the toaster oven to melt the cheese.

Great meal for fathers day.

A Caesar salad or lettuce wedges with blue cheese dressing is really nice with the steak.

Beef & Veal Chili

15 May

Beef & Veal Chili

I have so many different kinds of chili.

Last night I made a beef and veal chili.

1 large diced onion

1 pound of ground veal

Two 14 ounce cans of Rotelle tomatoes

Two eight ounce cans of tomato sauce

Two 15 ounce cans of kidney beans

One 15 ounce can of pork and beans

Two packages of chili mix

Four cups of leftover grilled sirloin cut unto 1/4 inch cubes

Saute the onion in two tablespoons of oil.

Brown the veal with the onion

Add everything else.

Stir to combine

Bring to a boil then simmer, stirring often.

This all takes 20 to 30 minutes

Serve with grated cheddar cheese on top and a couple of nachos or corn chips.

I love a dollop of sour cream on top.

Whenever I have leftovers, I try to incorporate them into something within a few days.

If I had chicken I would have made a white chili

Try not to waste anything .

Food is too expensive.


Pretzel Crust Salted Caramel Frosted Cheesecake

14 May

 	 Pretzel Crust salted caramel frosted cheesecake

This recipe is a keeper.

I found this recipe on line and changed it quite a bit.


4 cups of crushed  whole wheat pretzels

3 tablespoons brown sugar

one tablespoon white sugar

3/4 stick of melted unsalted butter


32 ounces of cream cheese

1 1/4 cups sugar

4 eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


1 cup sugar

4 tablespoons water

1/2 stick room temperature butter

1/2 cup heavy cream

sea salt for the top

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees

Heavily butter the bottom of a nine inch spring form pan

Put the pretzels in a food processor and pulse till they are crushed

Add the sugars and butter till mixed

Pour into the buttered pan and press evenly into the bottom and sides.

Make the bottom crust thicker then the sides.

Mix the cream cheese and sugar till smooth.

Add the eggs one at a time

Add the vanilla

The batter should be very smooth and silky

Pour into the pan and bake on the middle rack for 50 minutes.

The cheesecake should rise a little.

Test with a knife to make sure it is done


Mix the sugar and water but don’t stir.

Swirl the pan till it is mixed.

Place on medium high heat and bring to a boil.

Watch carefully and do not stir

After a couple of minutes it should turn a light brown color.

Stir in the butter and take off the heat

Add the cream and stir till smooth

Pour over the cheesecake

Wait till the caramel is cool before you put the salt on or else it will melt.

I waited till I served the cake to put on the salt

Sprinkle with sea salt

Don’t use table salt. You need a large coarse salt.

Refrigerate till ready to serve