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Month: February 2016

Mongolian Beef

This was one of my husbands favorite. He would eat the entire portion and enjoy every mouthful. I finally found out how to make it taste just like the take […]

Breakfast Pancake Sandwich

Stop and Shop had the pancake mix last summer as a limited edition. This was my last box and I am waiting for them to stock it again so I […]

Baked Haddock

This takes fifteen minutes start to finish. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees One half pound piece of fresh haddock. One tablespoon lemon juice One tablespoon bacon mayonnaise Eight grape […]

Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese

10 to 12 slices of good bread 4 tablespoons cream cheese One can of ¬†drained chopped artichokes about one cup maybe a little more. Just use the entire can. Two […]

Lemon Curd

For years I have been looking for a lemon curd that did not taste like eggs. Found it…I am so happy. It is from Pretty Simple Sweet. 3 large whole […]

No Fail Egg Taco

This takes five minutes and it makes the day start great. One small soft taco shell 2 eggs One teaspoon butter One slice of any cheese you have Two slices […]