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Month: September 2017

Lobster BLT Salad

Okay, I found another store that had the lobster on sale. What a great week! I was feeling fat after I ate a delicious, fabulous, gigantic lobster BLT sandwich so […]

Fast Buffalo Chicken

I had two pieces of grilled chicken left over. Never waste anything. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces. Do not use the skin. Place the chicken pieces on a […]

Fast Fried Calamari Rings

I have made fried calamari bad a million times but I finally got it right. The Crisco gives the calamari flavor and the corn starch makes it crispy. I added […]

Lobster Bisque

The lobsters were on sale last week so opportunity knocked. I did eat two but saved the rest including all the shells. By the way I did have them cooked […]

Black and White Cookies

I grew up eating black and white cookies in Brooklyn, New York. They were always a special treat and I would eat the vanilla side first then eat the chocolate […]

Chicken Tarragon

I always go for the basics when it is a chilly day and I want comfort food. My favorite cookbook is Better Crocker’s International Cookbook. This is her recipe with […]