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Month: November 2017

Fresh Tomato and Garlic Pizza

There is a bakery that makes this pizza and I had to copy it. One pound of pizza dough Crisco to grease the pan Four thin sliced tomatoes 2 teaspoons […]

Pumpkin Pie

Every year I try to decide if I should make a pumpkin pie or not. I always make one because it is so easy and looks pretty. Only two people […]

Angies Fruit Compote

This is an oldie but goodie from my Mom. I was going through my recipes and found this recipe on a yellowed index card and had to make it. My […]

Hot or Cold Chocolate

I found this recipe on the Real Simple web site and made a couple of changes. This is too good to have every day but I wish I could. 3 […]

Spicy Buffalo Dressing

I love buffalo anything. I make buffalo chicken, pizza, cauliflower and now salad. This is so easy I don’t even make a bottle, I just make it as I want […]


I love udon noodles but it kills me to spend ten dollars for one order. The next best thing is to try to make them at home. I tried Sanukiya […]

Fast Apple Sauce

I have a apple tree but I refuse to spray it with pesticides. As a result, my apples are not perfect like the ones in the picture but they are […]

Personal Frying Pan Pizza

I never order pizza any more because I end up eating the entire pie. These little pizzas are fabulous and you can make the size you want. You need a […]

Mushrooms and Mushroom Ravioli

Stop what you are doing. Read this recipe. Go out and buy the ingredients. Start cooking. Then be prepared for all the compliments. This is too good and so easy. […]

Vegetable Salad

This is a salad I throw together whenever I need something really healthy on the table. Two to three handfuls of spring mix One sliced cucumber !/2 sliced sweet onion […]