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Month: December 2017

Brussels Sprouts in Bacon

This is a great appetizer, snack or vegetable side dish. All you need is a ton of washed ┬áBrussel sprouts and sliced bacon. Take the bottom stem off the sprout […]

Organize, Organize, Organize

Thanksgiving is over and I forgot how crazy I was until I start thinking about Christmas. I want to make every cookie, cake, appetizer, soup, main corse and cocktail I […]

Grilled Cheese Club

My dog loves grilled cheese. Today I made her a grilled cheese club because I wanted to use up my old bread. Plain, simple food that we forget to make. […]

New Stuffed Squash

This is another way of stuffing squash. It is the combination of sweet and savory You can use whatever you have in your house but this combination is a winner. […]

Biggest Blueberries Ever

Stop what you are doing and go to your nearest Wegmans and buy these gigantic blueberries. These berries are so delicious they are blog worthy.

Candy Cane Cookies

  I love Sandra Lee. She makes life easy by always using a prepackaged cake mix or sauce. She combines things so they still taste homemade. This is one of […]

Angie’s Pasta

Angie is my Mom and she could cook anything. She got on a pasta kick for years and we made every kind of pasta you can think of. She would […]

The Bachelor Meal

I did not cook this but my son did. Hopefully he used serving plates but he put together a great meal. Rib eye steaks grilled on his green egg at […]

Stuffed Mushrooms

I cant make enough of these. I made a huge batch for Thanksgiving and they disappeared. So of course I made more and they disappeared. One large package of mushrooms […]