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Watermelon Pizza

28 May

Watermelon Pizza

Cutting up fruit takes so much time.

I found this on Pinterest and it took five minutes.

Wash all the fruit including the melon.

One fat watermelon

One box of strawberries

One box of blueberries

Three kiwis

One box of raspberries

Shredded coconut for the topping

Cut a thick slice of watermelon from the center of the watermelon

Place it on a plate with a lip so the juices don’t spill.

Slice in triangles like you would a pizza.

Start placing the fruit on each slice.

You can use whatever you like.

All my raspberries disappeared before I even got started.

I didn’t add the coconut because I have one child allergic to it.

I’m sure pineapple, orange segments, grapes or any other melon would be delicious.

This is so easy to serve. Use a pie server and place a wedge on each plate.

Let the children decorate their own with the smaller slices.


Chicken on fried dough with fruit salad

27 Apr

fruit salad with chicken on dough


This is a perfect example of using what you have in the refrigerator.

It’s so pretty and very good.

1/4 pound of pizza dough

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

One boneless chicken breast

lemon juice

garlic powder

One handful of arugula

One handful of spinach

1/2 small red onion

One sliced kiwi

10 to 12 raspberries

About an inch or two of crumbled goat cheese

Three tablespoons of my new favorite raspberry vinegrette.

Heat one tablespoon of olive oil in a small skillet

Stretch out the dough to fit the pan

Sprinkle with salt and pepper

Place in the hot skillet and cook till both sides are puffed and light brown.

Place on a paper towel.

Season the chicken with the salt, pepper, lemon and garlic.

Place in the same pan with a little more olive oil and cook till the chicken is done.

There should never be any pink in chicken breasts.

Place the cooked chicken on the dough

Mix the greens and onion together

Place the chicken and dough on a plate.

Place the greens next to it

Sprinkle with the raspberries, goat cheese and dressing.

Add the kiwis on the side.

I like a little yogurt and cucumber on the chicken.

Slice threw the chicken and dough with some salad. It is wonderful.


12 Aug


How lucky can I get?

In my yard we have a wild raspberry bush and this year I reaped the harvest.

I am just going to eat these delicious berries plain but I wanted to show you how pretty they are.