This is a little autobiography about myself.

I grew up in an Italian home where food was everything. 

We cooked and ate when we were happy and sad.

My Mom was a fabulous cook and my Dad always made her make at least twice the normal amount.

We all had to help and I loved cooking at an early age.

I would shop with my Mom on Saturdays and cook Sunday breakfast.

If I came home from school early I would start supper.

I had this great deal with my sisters, I would cook and they would clean up.

So… I have been cooking for a very long time.

I was lucky enough to have six children and one husband . All were great eaters.

It became a passion and hobby to make a good meal every night.

My children and husband loved every mouthful.

Now they are all grown up and call me all the time for recipes.

I still have a passion for cooking so I decided to share my recipes and antics of the day with my new friend, the internet.

Most of the recipes are very old and some are adaptations of found ones.

I never follow a recipe without changing it except if it is my Moms.

Well I hope you enjoy the blog and if you don’t I’ll be eating for two or ten.




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  1. Your daughter Rebecca was just telling me about your blog. I work in the undergraduate medical education office at UMass. Your blog is wonderful! Such great recipes. I’m at my desk salivating! I am so grateful that Rebecca shared this. Keep on writing! Ann

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