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Betty Crocker Blue Raspberry cupcakes

10 Aug


I had a Betty Crocker blue raspberry cake mix that I thought my grandchildren would like because it was blue. But, I couldn’t use it because it contained milk.

So I had to make it into an adult snack.

Make the mix according to the box directions except DO NOT USE THE WATER.

Instead I used a container of berry yogurt that was almost expired.

Mix 2 tablespoons of flour with 2 cups of mixed berries.

I used a lot of blueberries, some blackberries and just a few raspberries.

After the batter is mixed fold in the berries.

Line a jumbo muffin pan with oversize paper liners and put two full tablespoon into each cup.

Do not use more than that .

If you want to make 12 cakes use a little less in each cup.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Start checking after 28 minutes.

My first batch took 33 minutes and my second batch took 30 minutes.


I just put more berries on the top instead of frosting.

This is a pretty good portioned snack instead of a big cake.


Vidalia Onions and Eggs

3 May


It is Spring and I am going to turn into a Vidalia onion.

I LOVE them and this is their season.

Slice up half a vidalia onion and sauté them in butter

Add a little salt and stir together.

Crack two eggs and cook the way you like them.

I put everything on a soft piece of potato bread.

It was wonderful.

Breakfast Udon Noodles

10 Mar

unnamed (27)

It was one of those cold winter mornings when all I wanted was something warm.

Since I have become my Mom, I love soup.

I have become a fan of the packaged Udon noodles that you can buy in the produce department of any grocery store.

One package of udon noodles

3 cups chicken stock

Three baby bok choy cut into one inch pieces

One diced scallion

One 1/2 inch slice of ginger

One cup cooked chopped broccoli

Shredded carrots are optional

One fried egg

Boil the broth with the ginger

Add the noodles

Cook till they are warm and soft

Add the bok choy, broccoli and scallions

Cook till everything is nice and warm

Put the noodles in a bowl with the vegetables

Add enough broth to come half  way up the noodles

Top with the egg

Add hot sauce

Pour yourself a cup of leftover broth instead of tea

I love this and put any leftover vegetables into it.

Corn Beef Hash

18 Jul

I made a corn beef even though it wasn’t St. Patricks Day.

I wanted to make sandwiches and hash.

My kids were crazy with me because it is such a fatty meat.

By the time I finished cooking it , it wasn’t fatty.

I put the corn beef in a big pot of water, brought it to a boil and skimmed all the stuff that comes to the top.. Drained the water out and added new water and did the same but this time I took it down to a simmer , covered it and let it simmer all day.

You know when it is cooked when it is fork tender.

Take out of the water and cut off all the remaining fat.

Slice the meat into thin slices and start making sandwiches with good mustard, coleslaw, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and of corse pickles.

Pick whatever you like.

A little swiss cheese is always a winner.

Take the leftover meat and cut into small pieces of about 6  cups. Set aside

Sauté one large diced onion in two tablespoons of oil till soft

Add one diced jalapeño pepper

Add last nights leftover french fries cut into small pieces about  4 cups

Heat everything together and then add the corn beef

Press it down in the skillet because you want to get a crust on both sides so don’t flip or stir fry this. This only takes about 5 minutes on a medium high heat.

You want a nice crusty brown hash

Season with salt and pepper at this point because the corn beef and fries could be salty enough.

Serve with a fried egg  and cheese on top.




Asparagus Omlette

1 Jul


I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking.

Fried ham, toast  and melting butter.

Its a good day.

My oldest son was making asparagus omellets and they were delicious.

Two eggs , whipped well with a dash of milk, salt and pepper

One slice of American cheese

5  sliced asparagus

One whole asparagus

One slice of ham

Roll the ham around  the one whole asparagus

Heat one teaspoon of butter in a non stick pan

Place the cut asparagus plus the rolled asparagus and cook till done  about 3 to 4 minutes.

Take out of the pan

Pour the eggs in the pan and cook till set.

Add the chopped asparagus,  cheese and fold over

Top with the whole asparagus

This was so delicious.

Thank you Andrew

Son #3 Recipes: Healthy Protein Breakfast

10 May


For those who don’t know me I’m one of the sons in the fam that cooks the least. My speciality however? Eggs. And lots of them.

This morning I had a hankering for Mah’s Chimichurri sauce and luckily she gave me about ten ounces of it yesterday at the house.

I also noticed that she gave me four avocados that are close to being mushy so I have to average an avocado a meal before they go bad. I’m not complaining, this just happens every time I go home.

-Four fried egg whites in a little olive oil

-One Full Avocado… (if you don’t have a mini surplus cut up a couple slices or make half)

-Generously pour on the Chimichurri 

You can throw on some coarse black pepper and tabasco for extra heat.

It’s a great spicy breakfast but just be aware of what you’re eating. A lot of garlic in the sauce. Like, a lot. So keep your distance.

Also if you run your dishwasher at a regular rate like a normal person you can add in a yoke or two if you have a spatula. I didn’t have a clean one so I didn’t risk breaking a yoke. Plastic ladles aren’t good for flipping eggs by the way…




Cantaloupe with Cottage Cheese

29 Feb


I eat this  when I am really feeling fat.

It is light and low calorie.

One handful of arugula

Four heaping teaspoons low fat small curd cottage cheese

One teaspoon french salad dressing

Two cups chopped cantaloupe

Make everything look pretty and eat slowly.

I feel thinner all ready.

This can be used for any meal.