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The Perfect Almost Hard Boiled Egg

I rolled out of bed hungry.

What a shock.

But….I didn’t feel like cooking.

Eggs are always my go to fast food.

I put two eggs in a pot of water on high heat.

Sliced my bialy in half and toasted it.

Smeared it with butter until it was toasted.

Sprinkle just a little salt on top.

Drain the water from the eggs and peel the shell off.

Rinse under clean water.

Make a mixture of salt and black pepper.

Roll the egg in it so you have a black egg.

Now you are ready to pick up the egg and the toasted bialy and dunk and dip.

The egg yolk was perfect.

Not hard, just a little wet and it was delicious.

I love dunking anything and this was great.

The secret to a perfect boiled egg is to put the eggs with water in a pan.Bring to a rolling boil.

Take off the heat and wait 11 minutes then submerge the eggs in cold water to peel.

My daughter told me this today she said it is from Martha Stewart.

Thank you Martha and Rachel.

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