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Category: pizza

Pizza Salad

This is the time of the year that I feel guilty eating anything. So.. when I had a craving for pizza I had to justify eating it. Make one or […]

Pizza Nachos

I had this at Ducali in the North End and had to run home and make it. One pound of pizza dough Three tablespoons olive oil Garlic powder Oregano Salt […]

Pesto Humus Pizza

I never heard of pesto humus either. I was in Stop and Shop just wandering around getting a couple of things and I found this. Should I get it , […]

Hamburg pizza

I have the habit of freezing anything that I am not using or can’t give away. I found a package of cooked hamburg, onions and mushrooms. Alas, a pizza was […]

Puttanesca Pizza

My Mom would make this all the time when her garden was in full bloom. She made it with whatever vegetables where plentiful, thats what I do now. It always […]

Brussel Sprout Pizza

My son had this pizza in New Hampshire. He came home and told me about it and this is my version. One pound of pizza dough 15 cloves of garlic […]

Fresh Tomato and Garlic Pizza

There is a bakery that makes this pizza and I had to copy it. One pound of pizza dough Crisco to grease the pan Four thin sliced tomatoes 2 teaspoons […]

Personal Frying Pan Pizza

I never order pizza any more because I end up eating the entire pie. These little pizzas are fabulous and you can make the size you want. You need a […]

Grilled Vegetable Pizza

I feel like my life is in the grocery store  but I find some really good things. This week I found the grilled frozen vegetables in Trader Joes. I made […]

Matthews Bolognaise Calzone

I made Bolognaise and gave a container to all my children. Matthew decided to make a calzone with it and I have to post it because it was so delicious. […]

Pizza and eggs

Don’t go yuck yet There is a bakery called Calvitos and they make a tomato garlic pizza to die for. So I bought a pizza and with the couple of […]

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad Pizza

I made a huge tomato salad a couple of days ago and got tired of eating it but I never get tired of pizza. One pound of good pizza dough Crisco […]

English Muffin Pizzas

My Mom used to make these all the time and we all loved them. 6 English muffins , split into 12 One can of tomato sauce Grated parmesan cheese oregano […]

Broccoli and Cheese Calzones

One pound of pizza dough One bag of frozen broccoli crowns defrosted. 4 cloves chopped garlic 6 tablespoons olive oil One teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes Four slices […]

Asparagus Pizza

This is a great brunch pizza. One pound pizza dough Crisco for the bottom of the pan Two bunches of cleaned , washed thin asparagus 1/2 pound prosciutto ham 3/4 […]

Sausage, Broccoli Rabe and Cheese Pizza

Make two  pizzas because one disappears. This is the recipe for one. One pound of pizza dough 8 ounces of Monterrey Jack cheese One pound of crumbled, fried and drained […]