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Puttanesca Pizza



My Mom would make this all the time when her garden was in full bloom.

She made it with whatever vegetables where plentiful, thats what I do now.

It always changed a little but still delicious.

Once you make the puttanesca you can use it as a main dish, side dish or even a pizza.

So in this blog you are getting a two for one recipe.

One is the puttanesca and then the pizza.

Two eggplant cut into cubes

Two teaspoons salt

3 tablespoons oil

4 cloves garlic

One large diced onion

1 zucchini cut into cubes

1 large red pepper cut into cubes

4 anchovy fillets, smashed

2 cans Rotelle diced tomatoes with chilis

3/4 cup pitted Kalamata olives

3 tablespoons capers with the brine

20 yes 20 basil leaves cut into pieces

Mix the eggplant with the salt and set in a strainer.

Heat the oil in a stir fry pan

Add the onion and garlic

Cook for two or three minutes

Add the eggplant. Do not rinse it.

Stir fry for five minutes till the eggplant starts to look cooked

Add the one teaspoon of sugar to the eggplant

Add the pepper and zucchini and stir fry another five minutes

Add the diced tomatoes, basil, capers, olives and anchovies.

Let everything simmer till the vegetables are cooked

Set aside.

One pound of pizza dough

Crisco to grease the bottom of the pans

16 slices of munester cheese

1/2 cup grated Italian cheese

6 cups of Puttanesca

Grease two nine inch pizza pans

Divide the dough into the two pizza pans and flatten out to make a nice crust

Put 4 slices of cheese on the crust

Add the three cups puttanesca

Top with the 1/4 cup  Italian cheese cheese and the four slices of munester cheese

Repeat for the next pie

Preheat the oven to 475 degrees

Put the oven rack on the lowest level in the oven

Put the pizza on the bottom rack and cook for ten minutes

Start checking every three minutes until the bottom crust is a nice medium brown

You’re going to love this.






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