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Lemonade Pork


lemonade pork

This is a recipe that is so easy.

One whole boneless pork loin

One large can of frozen pink lemonade

Six cloves of crushed garlic

One teaspoon salt

One teaspoon black pepper

Put everything in a large marinating container.

Marinate for 24 hours or longer

Take out of the marinade and place on a hot grill and sear all the sides.

Place on indirect heat and continue cooking till the meat thermometer say pork medium well.

Your oven meat thermometer can be used for the grill meat.

Let the roast rest for a while then slice as thin as you can or use an electric slicer.

I love my slicer. Treat yourself and buy one.

I slice the entire roast and have a huge platter of thin sliced meat.

Before I clean the slicer I slice some onions and apples paper thin and serve with the pork.

Sometimes I boil the marinade very well and use it as a dipping sauce. Most people say not to do this but I do.



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