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The Perfect Grilled English Muffin

When I was young I didn’t have extra money .

My friends always had extra money.

When we would go out we always stopped at Newport creamery or Friendlys.

It wasn’t cool to have water then so I had to buy something.

I usually had coupons for the ice cream so that was good but my friend would always get the grilled English muffin.

I would kill for a bite.

This is one example of how I started imitating restaurant food.

If I can’t afford it , I WILL make it at home.

One English muffin

Two thin pats of butter not margarine


One flat griddle pan

One weight or you can us a cup filled with water

Cut the muffin

Place it cut side up in the pan and cook at medium till the bottom is light brown

Put a thin pat of butter on the cut side

Turn over and grill that side till it is golden brown.

Flatten with the weight.

Take the weight off and turn the muffin over just to dry out any moisture.

Take off the heat and salt.

How lucky am I to be able to afford and enjoy this.

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