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Category: breakfast

Betty Crocker Blue Raspberry cupcakes

I had a Betty Crocker blue raspberry cake mix that I thought my grandchildren would like because it was blue. But, I couldn’t use it because it contained milk. So […]

Vidalia Onions and Eggs

It is Spring and I am going to turn into a Vidalia onion. I LOVE them and this is their season. Slice up half a vidalia onion and sauté them […]

Breakfast Udon Noodles

It was one of those cold winter mornings when all I wanted was something warm. Since I have become my Mom, I love soup. I have become a fan of […]

Corn Beef Hash

I made a corn beef even though it wasn’t St. Patricks Day. I wanted to make sandwiches and hash. My kids were crazy with me because it is such a […]

Asparagus Omlette

I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Fried ham, toast  and melting butter. Its a good day. My oldest son was making asparagus omellets and they were delicious. […]

Cantaloupe with Cottage Cheese

I eat this  when I am really feeling fat. It is light and low calorie. One handful of arugula Four heaping teaspoons low fat small curd cottage cheese One teaspoon […]

Breakfast Pancake Sandwich

Stop and Shop had the pancake mix last summer as a limited edition. This was my last box and I am waiting for them to stock it again so I […]

No Fail Egg Taco

This takes five minutes and it makes the day start great. One small soft taco shell 2 eggs One teaspoon butter One slice of any cheese you have Two slices […]