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Corn Beef Hash

I made a corn beef even though it wasn’t St. Patricks Day.

I wanted to make sandwiches and hash.

My kids were crazy with me because it is such a fatty meat.

By the time I finished cooking it , it wasn’t fatty.

I put the corn beef in a big pot of water, brought it to a boil and skimmed all the stuff that comes to the top.. Drained the water out and added new water and did the same but this time I took it down to a simmer , covered it and let it simmer all day.

You know when it is cooked when it is fork tender.

Take out of the water and cut off all the remaining fat.

Slice the meat into thin slices and start making sandwiches with good mustard, coleslaw, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and of corse pickles.

Pick whatever you like.

A little swiss cheese is always a winner.

Take the leftover meat and cut into small pieces of about 6  cups. Set aside

Sauté one large diced onion in two tablespoons of oil till soft

Add one diced jalapeño pepper

Add last nights leftover french fries cut into small pieces about  4 cups

Heat everything together and then add the corn beef

Press it down in the skillet because you want to get a crust on both sides so don’t flip or stir fry this. This only takes about 5 minutes on a medium high heat.

You want a nice crusty brown hash

Season with salt and pepper at this point because the corn beef and fries could be salty enough.

Serve with a fried egg  and cheese on top.




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