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Son #3 Recipes: Healthy Protein Breakfast


For those who don’t know me I’m one of the sons in the fam that cooks the least. My speciality however? Eggs. And lots of them.

This morning I had a hankering for Mah’s Chimichurri sauce and luckily she gave me about ten ounces of it yesterday at the house.

I also noticed that she gave me four avocados that are close to being mushy so I have to average an avocado a meal before they go bad. I’m not complaining, this just happens every time I go home.

-Four fried egg whites in a little olive oil

-One Full Avocado… (if you don’t have a mini surplus cut up a couple slices or make half)

-Generously pour on the Chimichurri 

You can throw on some coarse black pepper and tabasco for extra heat.

It’s a great spicy breakfast but just be aware of what you’re eating. A lot of garlic in the sauce. Like, a lot. So keep your distance.

Also if you run your dishwasher at a regular rate like a normal person you can add in a yoke or two if you have a spatula. I didn’t have a clean one so I didn’t risk breaking a yoke. Plastic ladles aren’t good for flipping eggs by the way…




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