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Leftover Potatoes

9 Jul

Leftover potatoes

I made potato pies a couple of days ago and had about two cups of mashed potatoes left over.

Saute one sliced onion in two tablespoons of butter till the onions are soft.

Add the potatoes on top of the onions and flatten out.

Cook on medium heat till there is a crust on the bottom.

Turn over and flatten again until the bottom is brown and crusty.

Don’t worry if it falls apart because you can push it back together.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Garnish with diced green onions.

I served this under a grilled steak with a salad on the side.



Steak and Eggs

18 May

Steak and eggs

My sons love this and once in a while I do indulge them.

One pound of thin sliced steak tips

One tablespoon butter

One tablespoon oil

One large sliced onion

1/2 diced hot pepper without the seeds

8 beaten eggs

Heat the butter and oil in a pan.

Add the onion and pepper.

Saute for two or three minutes

Stir to cook but keep the onions almost raw and crunchy.

Add the meat and cook till medium well.

Season with salt

Add eggs and scramble till cooked.

You can add cheese now if you like.

I decided to be a little healthy and add pea shoots.

The pea shoots took away the guilt of eating beef for breakfast.