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Category: fruit

Cookies,Yogurt, and Fruit

Forget about mixing your yogurt with granola. Try dark chocolate caramel cookie crumbs. I tried this new cookie recipe and it was delicious but I couldn’t cut them the right […]

Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

I found this recipe in the Stop and Shop August magazine. Just a couple of changes. I did not use anything organic and added more blueberries because I had them. 1 […]

Oatmeal with blueberry sauce

Shaws had the blueberries for .99 cents So I bought a ton. They are really delicious. I made a quick blueberry sauce to put on oatmeal. 1 1/2 cups blueberries […]

Blackberry Salad

The blackberries are gorgeous so this is the time to take advantage of them. They are wonderful in salads. 6 handfuls of any type of greens I put arugula in […]

Fried Pineapple

I deserve something because I started to clean my basement. I decided it couldn’t be totally bad and this was so good. 1/4 tablespoon butter 8 slices of pineapple 2 […]

Biggest Blueberries Ever

Stop what you are doing and go to your nearest Wegmans and buy these gigantic blueberries. These berries are so delicious they are blog worthy.

Fast Apple Sauce

I have a apple tree but I refuse to spray it with pesticides. As a result, my apples are not perfect like the ones in the picture but they are […]

Clementine Jack O’ Lanterns

I posted these clementines last year and they were such a hit I had to do it again. This is one of the healthiest treats you can give out. My […]