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Category: dessert

Chocolate Mint Egg Cream

If you are from New York you know what an egg cream is. It was made at every soda fountain. One tall glass 3 tablespoons chocolate syrup 6 tablespoons cold […]

Cranberry Walnut Bread

There is a blog called Once Upon a Chef It is fabulous. This is her recipe with a couple of changes 1/2 cup orange juice 2 teaspoons grated orange zest […]

Cream Cheese Danish

When I first started cooking a very long time ago, I remember making danish. I found my old recipe that was yellow and tattered and made them for breakfast. This […]

Cranberry- Apple Crostata

This is the best apple crostata ever. The recipe is from Alforno’s Restaurant in Providence R.I. I changed some of the amounts and cooking time but the taste is the […]

Candy Cane Cookies

  I love Sandra Lee. She makes life easy by always using a prepackaged cake mix or sauce. She combines things so they still taste homemade. This is one of […]

Pumpkin Pie

Every year I try to decide if I should make a pumpkin pie or not. I always make one because it is so easy and looks pretty. Only two people […]

Angies Fruit Compote

This is an oldie but goodie from my Mom. I was going through my recipes and found this recipe on a yellowed index card and had to make it. My […]

Hot or Cold Chocolate

I found this recipe on the Real Simple web site and made a couple of changes. This is too good to have every day but I wish I could. 3 […]

Oh My God Maria’s Almond Cookie

I used to buy these at the greek market for a fortune and could never figure out a recipe. My neighbor and best friend found this recipe and was nice […]

Chocolate Banana Bread

I love this recipe. I found it online from Once Upon A Chef. She has some fabulous recipes. I loved it because I hate to melt chocolate and this recipe […]

Black and White Cookies

I grew up eating black and white cookies in Brooklyn, New York. They were always a special treat and I would eat the vanilla side first then eat the chocolate […]

Betty Crocker Blue Raspberry cupcakes

I had a Betty Crocker blue raspberry cake mix that I thought my grandchildren would like because it was blue. But, I couldn’t use it because it contained milk. So […]

Chocolate Caramel Cookies

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to bake from scratch. This is one of those times. Go to your nearest Stop and Shop and buy as many packages of the cookie mix […]

Ninja Turtle Cookies

Betty Crocker has done it again. She makes a non dairy cookie mix. My grandson went crazy over this plain sugar cookie. Just follow the directions on the box. From […]

Tres Leches Cake

My daughter needed a cake to bring to a school dinner. She asked me to make this. I will kvell forever because she is graduating from medical school. I got […]