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Category: side plate

Cheese Crisps

I always wanted to make these cheese crackers. Since I was having a pretty healthy meal I decided to make these tonight. They are crisp, cheesy and salty. One cup […]

Potato Pie

This is a takeoff ¬†from the delicious potato knishes that you buy in any New York deli. William Sonoma sells this great pie maker. I make everything in it and […]

Zucchini with tomatoes and capers

My Mom used to make this basic recipe with every vegetable she grew in her garden. Every meal was delicious. Three or four tablespoons oil One large diced onion Two […]

Marinated Mushrooms

My Mom used to make these all the time and I love them. Too, too easy. 3 cups white vinegar. 6 cloves of garlic 5 ¬†eight ounce boxes of mushrooms. […]