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Supper to go

3 Oct

Supper to go

Last night I got a call from my youngest and all she said was how hungry she was.

So being an obnoxious, overbearing Mom ,who felt guilty eating a good meal, I put everything in a take out container and took a ride.

I meet her in the library and gave her the filled container, cold grapes, water. a box of Junior mints and some gum.

She was thrilled and so was I.

It was a mixed green salad of spinach, arugula and romaine lettuce with an apple cider mustard dressing, tomatoes and mozzarella salad, greek olives, steamed brussel sprouts and sautéed mushrooms.

Josh grilled the rib eye steak perfectly and I waited till it cooled and sliced it on top of the salad.

Then I toasted a crumpet and spread it with garlic parmesan cheese.

The crumpet is under the steak to absorb the fabulous steak juice.

If you want to make your child happy bring them supper.

The gum was for after the meal because there was a lot of garlic in the dressing.

Love, Love, Love garlic.



Nutty chicken sandwich

30 Jul

nutty chicken sandwich

I made a ton of grilled boneless chicken because I wanted leftovers for sandwiches.

I marinated the chicken in Mojo marinade and grilled it all.

My grandson wanted a peanut butter sandwich and then changed his mind.

By now you should realize that I never throw out anything.

So… I had a delicious potato roll with peanut butter on it.

I opened the roll and added a piece of grilled chicken.

Added a sliced scallion, a handful of arugula, a slice of grilled red pepper, a thin slice of a sweet pickle and a strip of bacon that was leftover from breakfast.

I know this was not the invention of the wheel but it is delicious.



Onions and eggs

6 May

Onions and Eggs

Since I had delicious leftover pasta for breakfast I figured I should eat something breakfast for supper.

My husband loved breakfast at night.

I didn’t go overboard so I eliminated the pancakes.

Three eggs

1/2 chopped onion

One small piece of salt pork, about the size of a half dollar.

I used the salt pork because I wanted the flavor of meat plus it was in my refrigerator.

2 slices american cheese

Two tablespoons cheddar cheese

One sliced toasted bialy

Two handfuls of arugula with  two tablespoon balsamic dressing.

sliced red pepper

2 tablespoons of salsa

Put the salt pork in a nonstick skillet and let it render down.

I gave the half melted piece of pork to my dog because I was tempted to eat it.

Add the chopped onions and cook till soft but not brown.

Scramble the eggs and add 1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper plus one tablespoon milk.

Add to the onions and slowly cook the eggs the way you like them.

Toast the bialy and place one slice of cheese on each side.

Add the eggs and top with the cheddar.

The salad, salsa and red pepper made this a very filling meal.

Nice break from meat and potatoes.