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Month: December 2013

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Pretty and easy. It also travels well. What is it with me? I am always transporting food. I love it. This is the simple recipe you will make over and […]

Stuffed Calamari

It’s been a couple of days and I haven’t posted but I am cooking. Three days before Christmas and I am trying to stay organized. Made the stuffed calamari and this […]

Chewy Cherry Chocolate Squares

I was shopping with my son and I wanted a box of chocolate covered cherries. He said I didn’t need them. He was right. He made me feel so guilty […]

Butter Balls

It is snowing and I am housebound, the usual winter gluttony has commenced. So , since I feel like a butter ball I might as well make some. These are […]

Monday Marinated Mushrooms

This recipe was in the Sunday Telegram and Gazette and I made some changes. It is very good and a little different. 2 pounds of small button mushrooms. 1/2 cup […]

Mint Hot Chocolate

It is freezing outside and I don’t want to spend $2.oo for a hot chocolate. Okay I’m showing my cheap side. I came home and made this delicious grande extra […]

Corn Bread Crouton Salad

These croutons are so good I make them for a snack but they really make this salad. Always make a double recipe. So I doubled it for you already. 4 […]

Christmas Cookies

Twelve days before Christmas and I am now in a panic. I have all my cookies to make before I start cooking my food. Today is the day I start. […]

Wonderful Lemon Lentil Soup

This is one of my new concoctions. I love it. Ten cups of chicken or vegetable broth. I like the chicken better. One pound of rinsed lentils. One large diced […]

Sweet Sesame Chicken

Today is one of those nights I just don’t feel like cooking . So…I have a couple of these boxes and I use them on nights like this. Tonights delicacy […]

Mini Monday

I took the weekend off because I really didn’t cook very much. The usual Sunday breakfast followed by shopping and defrosted soup with grilled cheese for supper. So today is […]

Friday Shrimp Scampi

This is a real treat. My sister,Janet, makes it all the time and it is so good. 1/2 stick butter 3/4 cup olive or canola oil Ten cloves of chopped […]

Thursday Rabe and Sausage

As you probably know by now, nothing was ever done in moderation in my house. When we made broccoli rabe we ate pots and we loved every leaf and flower. […]

Wrealistic Wednesday

Lets be real…. Instead of complaining, I am going to appreciate food but in moderation. Some foods I can eat more of and some I eat less.  ( I hope). […]

Pho Tuesday

I had my first bowl of pho a couple of months ago and I am hooked. It is a huge bowl of clear broth with rice noodles, carrots, peppers, baby […]