Mint Hot Chocolate

14 Dec


It is freezing outside and I don’t want to spend $2.oo for a hot chocolate.

Okay I’m showing my cheap side.

I came home and made this delicious grande extra chocolate mint hot chocolate for about .50 cents.

Two heaping teaspoons of a good cocoa.

Not the stuff in a package.

Two tablespoons of hot water.

8 to 10 ounces of hot milk.

Whole milk tastes the best.

Three teaspoons of International Delight peppermint mocha coffee creamer.

Whipped cream or marshmallows for the top.

Mix the cocoa with the water.

Add the very hot milk and the coffee creamer


Add the whipped cream

Serve with a candy cane

You can change the hot chocolate with any other flavor  like french vanilla or raspberry.


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