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Chewy Cherry Chocolate Squares


I was shopping with my son and I wanted a box of chocolate covered cherries. He said I didn’t need them. He was right.

He made me feel so guilty I didn’t buy them.

Here I am at 9 o’clock craving chocolate and cherry.

Nothing stops me.

I started to rummage threw the closets and found this brownie mix.

And a miracle was preformed.

One box of dark chocolate brownie mix

20 maraschino cherries with the juice

Make the brownie mix according to the package directions BUT

instead of water use the cherry juice

After pouring the batter into a 9 X 9 pan evenly place the cherries into the batter

Bake according to the package directions

Let cool and cut into equal squares.

I got my chocolate covered cherries and went to bed a happy chocolate fatter camper.

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