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Seared Tuna

Seared Tuna

Now girls hold on. All my boys can make this delicious dish. The picture was sent to me by my youngest son.

Did I mention that all four boys can cook, are gorgeous, educated and single?

Now they are all mad at me for saying something.

This may be a repeat but it is one of my favorite meals.

One tuna steak

Olive Oil

salt and black ground pepper

Rub the tuna with the oil, salt and pepper.

Heat a hot skillet and sear the tuna on medium high for about two minutes.

You can see the tuna turning color by looking at the side .

Only cook till maybe a quarter of an inch is colored.

Turn for another couple of minutes

Do Not overcook or it get touch.

Garnish with lemon

Greek yogurt, dill and garlic is very good as a dipping sauce.

Bake asparagus and grape tomatoes with olive oil, onion and garlic

Steam brown rice


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