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Son #3 Recipes: Fresh Ginger Iced Tea



Who says you can’t get good recipes from a dry cleaner?

Mom was in the city visiting last week and was bopping around my neighborhood and stumbled into my dry cleaner to pick up some shirts for me. Very sweet I know. Within 2 minutes she was best friends with the owner and they started to talk shop about ginger and how it helps soothe the stomach. After about 40 minutes of talking mom made it back to my apartment with a great ginger drink from the Salem Street Laundry Center. So to recap, my mom went to a dry cleaner to pick up non starched button down shirts and came away with a drink recipe. Makes sense.

This was it:

-Slice up to 6-8 chunks of raw ginger. Make sure you remove the skin

-Put a huge pot on the stove. Fill her up, no need to measure.

-Bring the water to a roaring boil and throw the chunks of ginger in.

-Let it boil for about 5-6 minutes

-Turn off the stove and let it sit. You can add in all natural honey at this point and a little lemon.

You can serve this hot or over ice. Either way its extremely refreshing. Feel free to add a splash of cranberry or other juice.

And yes, that is an empty chocolate pudding container in the background.


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