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Tammy’s Chicken


My friend Tammy gave me a recipe for an onion dip.

Of corse I made too much and had to figure out what to do with it so it wouldn’t be wasted

Taa Daa….

There is always chicken.

3 large bone in chicken breasts.

One cup mayonnaise

One cup pecorino romano cheese

One diced onion

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

Mix the mayo, cheese and onion

Spread  liberally on the chicken

Bake for a 1/2 hour

Turn over and put another thick layer on top of the chicken and bake for another 1/2 hour

The topping will become nice and brown and keep the chicken moist.

I used very large chicken breasts so if you use smaller ones the baking time will decrease.

I served this with tortellini, salad and roasted turnips.



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