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Category: chicken

Fast Buffalo Chicken

I had two pieces of grilled chicken left over. Never waste anything. Cut the chicken into bite size pieces. Do not use the skin. Place the chicken pieces on a […]

Chicken Tarragon

I always go for the basics when it is a chilly day and I want comfort food. My favorite cookbook is Better Crocker’s International Cookbook. This is her recipe with […]

Buffalo Chicken Patty

Who ever thought I would be eating ground chicken??? I bought a package to use in a Chinese food recipe but didn’t feel like having it. Buffalo anything is always […]

Janet’s Chicken Cutlets

My sister Janet makes chicken cutlets to die for. She gets boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cuts them the size of the palm of your hand. I am convinced she […]

Kung Pao Chicken

I crave Chinese food so this is one of my go to fast meals. Just go to Trader Joes and pick up a frozen package and follow the directions. It […]

Rice Balls

Stop what you are doing and make these rice balls. I love them. This is not my recipe but it is a modification of the Food Network recipe from Alexandra […]

Mandarin Chicken

I am always craving Asian food. This is my quick, inexpensive treat. One package of frozen Mandarin Chicken from Trader Joe’s One bag of baby boy chow or six baby […]

Tammy’s Chicken

My friend Tammy gave me a recipe for an onion dip. Of corse I made too much and had to figure out what to do with it so it wouldn’t […]

Boneless Wing Challenge

My family has been arguing for years on which restaurant has the best wings. Since I have been cooking all week for Thanksgiving, I decided not to cook the night […]