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Category: dessert

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

This is another box mix that is a no fail recipe. It is a hot chocolate marshmallow cup cake mix. The only time you can find this is around Christmas […]

Orange Poppy Seed Bread

This is a takeoff from the Pillsbury Orange-sicle Cake Mix. I have made it a dozen times and it never lasts long. One package of Pillsbury Orange-sicle Cake Mix. One 6 […]

Mango Pineapple cake

I know that a lot of people never use cake mixes but now they have such great flavors, I can’t resist. This is the new Pillsbury Mango cake mix. I […]

Non Dairy Birthday Cake

My grandson developed a milk allergy so what do we do for birthday cake? I took my reading glasses and went to the supermarket and read every box of cake […]

Homemade Frozen Lemonade

There is a store in Rhode Island called Dells. They make the best frozen slush. Here is my take off. 4 to 5 teaspoons sugar 1/2 cup boiling water The […]

Date-Nut Bread

This is the closest recipe I’ve found to make me think of  my childhood. My Mom used to make date-nut and cream cheese sandwiches for a special treat. I have […]


This is a crispy Italian cookies that is made on holidays and special occasions. I can never make enough. Every family makes them a little different and mine are different […]

Mushroom Meringues

You have to make these meringues. About 30 years ago I started making them. They are so pretty, low fat and delicious. The recipe is easy but you have to […]

Chocolate dipped meringue cookies

These cookies were my second choice. I started to make french macaroons and nothing was going right. The egg whites whipped weird, I forgot to add the sugar, the batter […]