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Category: dessert

Lemon Curd

For years I have been looking for a lemon curd that did not taste like eggs. Found it…I am so happy. It is from Pretty Simple Sweet. 3 large whole […]

French Apple Pie

This is such an easy recipe and you can use up all your old apples. My apples came from my apple tree. They are special. This is the first year I […]

Bavarian Apple Torte

This is a recipe I made when I first got married. I will call it a vintage recipe and it never is out of style. Every time I bake this […]

Little Apple Won-ton

I made several batches of pork won-ton and had ten wrappers left over. Never waste anything. I sliced two apples and mixed them with one tablespoon of brown sugar, 1/2 […]

Grape Jelly

My grapevine went crazy this year and I had the most delicious concord grapes . I gave a ton away, ate too many, and then decided to make jelly This […]

Peach Smoothie

  Some mornings I just need something quick. Smoothies are the best and I am out the door. One container of any flavor Greek yogurt One cup of peaches One […]

Beautiful Flower Pastry

This pastry is so pretty and simple. One package of frozen puff pastry 3 large  thin sliced apples, peaches or pears 3 tablespoons apricot preserves with one tablespoon amaretto liquor Cinnamon sugar […]

Brownies with Salted Caramel

This is the best dessert ever. One family size package of brownie mix. One cup chocolate chips 1 1/2 bags of caramel candy, about 14 ounces One can of sweetened […]

Peach, Plum and Cherry Pie

Go into your fruit draw and get all your soft and spotted fruit I had about six peaches, Six plums and a handful of cherries You can use anything you […]