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Lemon Curd


For years I have been looking for a lemon curd that did not taste like eggs.

Found it…I am so happy.

It is from Pretty Simple Sweet.

3 large whole eggs

3/4 cup granulated sugar

One tablespoon lemon zest

1/2 cup lemon juice. Only use fresh not bottled.

1/4 cup unsalted butter cut into small cubes.

Take out your double boiler or use a heat proof bowl over simmering water.

Never let the water touch the bowl.

Combine the eggs, sugar, lemon zest and juice together in the bowl.

Place over the simmering water and whisk constantly until

the curd starts to thicken.

This should take about ten minutes.

It should coat the back of a spoon.

Immediately take off the heat and strain threw a fine sieve.

Whisk in the butter till it is melted.

You now have this beautiful, smooth lemon curd.

I put it in small jars and cover the top with plastic wrap till it is cool. Then I put the cap on the jar.

Refrigerate or freeze.

This recipe make 1 1/2 cups and is never enough.

I use it for cake filling, topping, spread and especially for my easy desert.

Place three or four wafer cookies on a pretty plate.

Put one dollop of lemon curd, one teaspoon of chocolate sauce and some berries plus a small scoop of sorbet on the plate with the cookies.

Mint leaves for garnish.

It looks so pretty.

This is also a wonderful hostess gift.



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