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Orange and Raspberry Sherbet Cookies

orangge raspberry sherbet cookies

Sometimes you don’t mess with Betty Crocker.

She has a limited edition cookie mix that is delicious and of course easy.

It is the Betty Crocker Orange and Raspberry Sherbet Cookie Mix.

Go to the store and buy all they have.

I made these last night to give away and only a couple made it out of the house.

This is also a great project with the kids because they can make all different designs. It is a very forgiving dough.

Just follow the directions on the box.

The cookies are pretty and delicious.

They really taste like sherbet.

Next time I will serve these with a scoop of sherbet.

Betty Crocker gets an A plus from me.



  1. They are beautiful and delicious and the 2 cookie mixes came together in the same box. I really hope Betty Crocker will reintroduce this product. They discontinued it WAYYY to soon.

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