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Category: Meat

Breaded Boneless Pork Chop

I keep on saying, “I love hot meat on a cold salad.” I found two lonley pork chops in my freezer. Time to cook them One egg Two pork chops […]

Valentine Crazy

  I always loved Valentines Day and can’t help from going crazy. If it can be formed into a heart I do it. This year I made heart shaped meatball. […]

Steak Au Poivre

I have been cleaning all day and need a reward. “Food” I want something delicious and not hard to make. Since I worked so hard I need something substantial. “Meat” […]

The Naked Meatball

This is a sandwich that was born when I was young and stealing meatballs from my Mom’s kitchen. I had to get in and out of the kitchen fast but […]

Andy’s Garlic Steak Sandwich

I gave my son, Andy, the leftover steak. He turned it into his new favorite sandwich so I thought I would share it with you. 8 ¬†ounces of trimmed, sliced […]

So Simple Sausage Calzone

This is so easy that you will be mad at yourself for spending ten dollars at the pizza place. One pound of pizza dough Two pounds of sausage. Take the […]

Beef & Veal Chili

I have so many different kinds of chili. Last night I made a beef and veal chili. 1 large diced onion 1 pound of ground veal Two 14 ounce cans […]