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Category: salad

Homemade Croutons

Never underestimate how delicious a homemade crouton is. It is so worth the little time to make them plus you get to use up your extra bread. One loaf of […]

Veggetti Zucchini with fresh tomatoes

I am playing with my veggetti slicer again and still love it. Four medium zucchini Slice in the veggetti ¬†until you have a big mound of zucchini strands. Three big […]

Vegetable Pasta Salad

I started to make a simple pasta salad. That didn’t happen. Two pounds of orrecchiette pasta. One tablespoon salt Two containers of grape tomatoes Two big chopped onions Six cloves […]

Zucchini with tomatoes and capers

My Mom used to make this basic recipe with every vegetable she grew in her garden. Every meal was delicious. Three or four tablespoons oil One large diced onion Two […]

Corn Salsa

My friend Carol brought this to my house for a graduation party. I have not stopped making it and have given the recipe out a million times. Two bags of […]

Wheatberry Salad

The first time I had this salad I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan visiting my daughter. We went to this great deli called Zingermans and I had to try to […]

Seared Tuna Salad

This is not your tuna with mayo. This is a recipe that Ina Garten developed and I changed just a little. It is delicious and well worth your time. 4 […]

Salami salad

    Get ready to smell like garlic and onion and it is worth it. 1/2 pound of diced salami 1/4 pound of provolone cheese 1/4 pound of american cheese […]