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Pork Tenderloin To Go

My son was taking the train to see me. I had to pick him up at 7:30 p.m. so I knew he would be starving. So I made supper like […]

Simple Stir Fry

I just wanted something light and healthy since I had ice cream twice yesterday. It was so good. 2 big boneless, sliced into strips ,chicken breast 4 tablespoons soy sauce […]

Fried Garlic and Eggs

I just read an article on how good garlic is for you. So, I am now on a garlic craze and if I say so myself I smell fabulous. One […]

The Ultimate Italian Grinder

Nothing is better than a good Italian grinder. My son brought me a piece of a grinder his girlfriend’s father made. Thats it! I hand the baton over to him. […]

Grilled Rabbit

Okay don’t say “yuck”. I never thought I would eat this but I tried it and LOVE it. It is the meat of choice in Italy. One cleaned rabbit cut […]

The Struck Cafe Carrot Pinapple Bread

There used to be a fabulous restaurant in Worcester, Ma. called the Struck Cafe. This was thirty five years ago. It did close and I was miserable. Thank God I […]

Cerignola Olives

I always forget what olives I like except for calamatta. All the others look the same BUT I found these cerignola olives and it was love at first bite. Olives […]

Authentic Tiramisu

Get ready I just went to Italy for a week and took cooking classes. WOW!!! What a blast. I ate all week and lost weight. My theory about eating non […]

Naked Mini Meatball Sandwich

I was making mini meatballs for my grandchildren and started to get hungry. One of the best treats in the whole world is a meatball right out of the oven. […]


This is something right out of my childhood. You know the way people always had white bread in their houses? Well in my grandma’s house they always had bread or […]

Stick with Me Chocolates

My daughter always finds the best chocolates. This year she gave me the Stick with Me artisanal chocolates from New York. OMG they are gorgeous. Almost too good to eat […]

Miso Soup

This is a take off from a recipe I found in the newspaper and I made it my way. I am a miso soup novice and this is my first […]

Hamburg pizza

I have the habit of freezing anything that I am not using or can’t give away. I found a package of cooked hamburg, onions and mushrooms. Alas, a pizza was […]

Oatmeal with blueberry sauce

Shaws had the blueberries for .99 cents So I bought a ton. They are really delicious. I made a quick blueberry sauce to put on oatmeal. 1 1/2 cups blueberries […]

My Yearly Corn Beef Sandwich

Every year I make a boiled dinner on Saint Patricks Day. Everything is always left over. The potatoes and carrots I put into my chicken pot pie. The cabbage I […]