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Tag: chocolate

Non Dairy Birthday Cake

My grandson developed a milk allergy so what do we do for birthday cake? I took my reading glasses and went to the supermarket and read every box of cake […]

Mushroom Meringues

You have to make these meringues. About 30 years ago I started making them. They are so pretty, low fat and delicious. The recipe is easy but you have to […]

Chocolate dipped meringue cookies

These cookies were my second choice. I started to make french macaroons and nothing was going right. The egg whites whipped weird, I forgot to add the sugar, the batter […]

Chocolate Coconut Seltzer

I am not much of a drinker. Not even water. Occasionally I do enjoy a good glass of wine or a cold beer but that is about it. So this […]

Chocolate Pie Lollipops

My sister is having a baby shower so it is an excuse for me to get crazy. I wanted to make something different. I have this baby cake machine which […]

Chocolate Egg Cream

Don’t go “yuck” yet. This is a something I grew up with. It does not have an egg in it and I don’t know why they call it an egg […]