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Chocolate Egg Cream

Chocolate Egg Creams

Don’t go “yuck” yet.

This is a something I grew up with.

It does not have an egg in it and I don’t know why they call it an egg cream.

This was the special treat from my Mom for getting all A’s on my report card.

Since I was alway a saver, I figured out how to make this drink at an early age and pocket the six cents.

Thats right six cents. Am I telling my age?

I watched the soda lady make it time after time.

I thought she was a genius.

Now, I’m a genius.

Four tablespoons chocolate syrup

Five tablespoons milk

One cup of cold seltzer

Put everything in a tall glass starting with the syrup then the milk and then the seltzer.

With a long teaspoon slowly stir everything together.

You have to hear the spoon clinking the glass or else it is not authentic.

The seltzer will foam at the top and that is the best.

You can make this with any flavor syrup or seltzer.

I recently saw this on a menu and had to have one. I paid $5.00.

Thank God it was good or  else I would have choked.

This is basically an ice cream soda without the ice cream and whipped cream.

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