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Chocolate Pie Lollipops

chocolate pie lollipops

chocolate pie lollipops

My sister is having a baby shower so it is an excuse for me to get crazy.

I wanted to make something different.

I have this baby cake machine which makes lollipop pies .

It is perfect for a ladies lunch because the pop is about two inches in diameter. The perfect three bite desert.

My sister didn’t want a  fruit  filling so the next best thing is chocolate.

Heat up the baby cake machine.

One box of refrigerated pie dough

One jar of Hershey’s chocolate almond spread

Powdered sugar

Plastic lollipop wrappers

Curling ribbon

Roll out the pie crust

Cut into rounds to fit the pie well.

Place one round into each well.

Place 1/2 teaspoon chocolate spread into the middle of the dough.

Place the lollipop stick into the middle of the pie.

Place another pie dough round on top.

Put the top of the grill down and cook for about two minutes or until the cakes are brown.

Let the pops cool and dust with powdered sugar.

Place in a lollipop bag and decorate with ribbon.

There are going to be about 25 people at the shower so I will make about 75 .

I will put them in two vases and arrange them like flowers.

I love edible centerpieces.

After my trial and error you need different size lollipop sticks to arrange them properly.

If you look at the picture the pops are too cluttered and the different sizes will loosen them up.

Give the leftovers away to your company.

These are going to compliment the big baby cake and the fresh fruit and nut platter.

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