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Testy Tuesday

I can’t even think about writing a recipe. I have been reading so many I am reciped out.
Thanksgiving is two days away and I have a ton to still do. My daughter pulled her back out, she needs help with the kids and I realized I have not posted for two days.Plus three of the kids had car issues.
I am a little testy.
The Holidays are so great if it wasn’t for the other stuff.
Testy, Testy.
Lets get talking Turkey day.
Hope your frozen turkey is defrosting.
I have made all the extras and working on the basics now.
Getting ready to make the stuffing, the pumpkin pie, the squash salad, the meatballs,and part of the tres leche cake.
Have to trim the tenderloin for the non turkey eaters.
Making my last trip to the grocery store. Think I have everything.
So keep on schedule today and keep on going.
Don’t stop or sit.
Drink plenty of water and make yourself a nice lunch.

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