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Saturday scramble

My Dad loved everything spicy and he actually was a very good cook. My Mom very rarely let him in the kitchen.

The Thanksgiving Scramble was his thing.

This is an omelette made from all leftovers.

Eight or more hot cherry peppers, sliced into bite size pieces.These were leftover from the antipasto.

Two tablespoons butter

Two to three cups of all the small pieces of turkey This is a great time to take all the meat off the legs and wings. Save the slices for sandwiches.

Three  cups of stuffing

One dozen eggs

1/2 cup milk

1/2 teaspoon of salt

Heat a large skillet with the butter

Add the chopped peppers. Let them cook until they are soft and almost brown.

Add the stuffing and make sure it is heated  and mixed with the peppers.

Add the turkey and mix well.

Beat the eggs with the milk  and salt and add to the stuffing mixture.

Scramble like you would for scramble eggs.

If you want you can add the leftover cheese from the cheese tray but make sure to melt it.

Serve with your leftover toasted rolls.

Franks red hot  sauce and ketchup on the side.

So good.

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