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Cheeseburger from the grill with salad on top


It finally feels like spring and I fired up the grill today.

What is better than a juicy cheeseburger?

I  add nothing to my beef except salt and pepper and a little brush of olive oil.

Always buy fresh, good chopped meat at least 85% fat content.

Form a patty the size of a baseball then flatten it out to whatever thickness you like.

I always grill a thick slice of onion at the same time.

Grill the burger to you’re liking and then top with a slice of cheese.

I started using the small potato buns because I like the burger to overhang.

Mix up some field greens with a little olive oil.

Assembling the burger is so important.

Bottom bun, ketchup, burger,pickle, onion, tomato slice, lettuce,pea shoots, ketchup, mayonnaise and finally the top bun.

Make sure you have at least two napkins and a big glass of iced tea.


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