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Pastrami Sandwich


Who said I can’t have a pastrami sandwich for breakfast?

I have been craving pastrami for months and finally caved and bought some.

One small ten inch french bread, sliced in half and toasted

1/4 to 1/2 pound of thin sliced pastrami

Alot of good spicy brown deli mistard



Cut the bread in half and toast

Add alot of the mustard

Heat the pastrami till it is really hot.

Place one slice at a time on the bread. This takes a little time but it really makes a neater sandwich.

Close the sandwich and press down so it fits in your mouth.

This is so good.

I have to have it with good cream soda and a pickle on the side.

This was the best breakfast in a long time.

Who said it has to be lunch or supper?

Going on the bike now.


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