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Melted Cheese to Die For

I went down my basement and found my old Raclette Machine.

This is a machine that melts cheese.

So, I decided to use this as one of my appetizers for Thanksgiving.

It was such a success that I am going to make it for Christmas and the next time the girls come for lunch.

Easy, Easy, Easy.

I found this small machine at TJMax but you can get it at any gourmet shop or on line.

The machines can get very big and expensive but since I don’t use it very often I got a small one.

Two pounds of small boiled baby potatoes

1/2 pound of Italian ham rolled to look pretty

Cut up red, green or yellow peppers


Slices of french bread

Sliced apples

Gherkin baby pickles

Cooked sausage

Grilled asparagus

Cooked  or raw broccoli

One pound of raclette cheese or any other good melting cheese.

The Jarlsberg cheese was on sale so I went with that.

All you have to do is slice the cheese so everyone can put it into their own little melting tray.

Assemble whatever meat, vegetables, fruits and breads that you like.

Arrange it pretty near the machine.

Thats it.

Everyone serves themselves.

The machine gets hot so keep it away from the small children.

Serve with good wine





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