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Garlic Confit


I mentioned this in the Brussel sprout pizza and realized I did not give the recipe.


It is too easy.

One cup of peeled garlic cloves

2 cups olive oil or a good canola oil.

Put everything into a pot and simmer on low for one hour.

The garlic gets soft and spreadable.

Season with salt

This will last in the refrigerator for about two to three weeks.

Use it to put on the table with nice crusty bread.

Spread this on a sandwich.

Cover your chicken with it.

Put it in a salad or on potatoes.

Once you make it , use it on everything because the garlic has a nice sweet taste.

Never throw out the oil either.

Use it to fry potatoes and chicken.

It is also delicious in a salad dressing.

You do use a lot more garlic than usual because the taste is mellow and DELICIOUS.

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