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Category: Fish

Fast Fried Calamari Rings

I have made fried calamari bad a million times but I finally got it right. The Crisco gives the calamari flavor and the corn starch makes it crispy. I added […]

Fish Chowder

This has to be the the most delicious meal ever. Now that I am old I love soup so I make it a lot. I wait for the cod or […]

Quahog Casino

My sister Janet makes the best quahog casino ever. I watched her make them and was amazed. 25 small to medium quahogs 1 1/2 cups bread crumbs, 1/2 panko and […]

Fish Balls in a Spicy Tomato Sauce

This is another recipe from Saveur Magazine on line. They have the best food. I doubled the recipe and still didn’t have enough. This is the doubled recipe. I did […]

High Protein Salad

Easy and one of my favorites. Three handfuls baby arrugula about 4 cups One small thin sliced cucumber 1/4 sliced vidalia onion 1 cup cottage cheese One piece of cooked […]

Fish Broccoli Soup

I’m trying so hard to eat clean and this is another success. Two tablespoons olive oil One large chopped onion or two medium. Four cloves chopped garlic Two stalks chopped […]

Pasta with Anchovies

My Dad loved this dish because he loved anchovies. Every Italian makes it just a little different. I actually had to measure all the ingredients because I always eyeball it. […]

Shrimp Cocktail

I always thought I could throw my shrimp in boiling water, cook until they are pink and have good shrimp cocktail. Until…….. A friend of mine told me the secret to […]