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Category: Fish

Cod Fillets

  Its Monday and I am feeling fat …again. Going to start my week on a healthy note. Cod fillets are on sale so this is my choice. This only […]

Lemon Haddock

The haddock was on sale this week so I eat haddock.. Two tablespoons olive oil One tablespoon butter One pound boneless, skinless fresh haddock 1/2 cup flour Salt and Pepper […]

Shrimp Wonton

Shrimp is expensive so I like to make recipes that can really stretch. These little wontons use 31 to 40 count peeled and deveined shrimp that are very reasonable. 1/2 […]

Baked Haddock

This takes fifteen minutes start to finish. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees One half pound piece of fresh haddock. One tablespoon lemon juice One tablespoon bacon mayonnaise Eight grape […]

Low Carb Salmon Treat

Six slices of good nova smoked salmon cut into 18 pieces One ¬†seedless cucumber cut into 18 slices 1/4 teaspoon or less of cream cheese on every cucumber slice Three […]

Creamy Shrimp

This is a quick shrimp plate, It takes maybe ten minutes and is delicious. 6 to 8 large cleaned, peeled and de-veined shrimp 1/2 chopped onion One clove of minced […]

Salmon Vegetable Packets

This is another recipe I found online. I changed the recipe a little. This is one of my favorite salmon recipes. 2 eight ounce sockeye salmon fillet 2 cups broccoli […]

Fish Tacos

This is a great summer meal that everyone will love. 1 1/2 pounds of cooked coconut cod 6 soft taco shells Shredded lettuce corn salsa Guacamole sour cream Medium¬†hot tomato […]

Steamed Clams

This is another flash from my past. We used to dig clams in Narragansett Bay and my Mom would steam them for dinner. It was such a feast. In a […]